Yoga as Technology for Freedom:

Cultivating Brave, Compassionate, Thriving Communities

The destabilizing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the international uprising to end systemic racism and state sanctioned racist violence reveal the deep fissures and cracks in our society and demonstrate our struggle to embody our highest values.

Our collective sense of being unmoored and grief, as destabilizing as it is, presents yoga practitioners with a powerful role to play as we engage our capacity to be like “connecting glue” that holds the tension and discomfort of our reality skillfully, heartfully, and truthfully.

Yoga means “union,” integration, wholeness, balance, and connection. Yet racism, a social agreement that we all live, breathe and practice (even if we do not mean to) fragments us as individuals and erodes the systems we exist inside of (healthcare, education, criminal justice, etc.)

This two and a half hour workshop will:

  • Introduce participants to some critical considerations necessary to make yoga the active, practical, powerful tool to become the change we wish to see in our world right now.
  • Understand the importance and power of a co-generated community culture
  • Define mindfulness as both a tradition of experiential practice and a means to embody compassion
  • Engage an experiential understanding of the neurobiology of stress, anxiety and trauma
  • Define race and connect our present to the race-based traumas of our past
  • Understand yoga’s 8 dimensional limbs as a guide for healing our collective racial trauma and for navigating the profound fragmentation and discomfort it causes
  • Begin a yoga practice that impacts social justice and the creation of a more equitable and free world both inside and outside of the yoga studio
  • Explore important action steps that yogis can engage right now



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