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Organizational retreats offer a wonderful opportunity to bring employees together, foster community and team-building, re-galvanize around your organizational vision and mission, integrate new frameworks and technology for individual and collective efficacy, clarify the unique contribution of your employees and staff, and create space to let off steam and play. The following menu of workshops are curated on an individual basis for retreats for corporations, nonprofits, schools, universities and hospitals.

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Retreats can be a single day or multiple days and be presented in a variety of combinations to support an organization’s particular mission and retreat objectives. They can include workshops and yoga and mindfulness sessions that engage the following relevant topics:

Yoga & Mindfulness as Tools for Support for Vulnerable Populations

Self-care and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Self-care As Healthcare for Women in a Changing World

Mindfulness Tools for Fostering Community, Enhancing Teams & Organizational Innovation

Mindful Communication and Organizational Culture

Examining Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace through a Mindful Lens

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