Professional Development

Organizational Wellness & Empowered Professional Development


The workplace is a rapidly evolving hemisphere of modern life, making the stress that comes with constant change and recalibration to the changing workplace environment overwhelming. However, it is possible that the varying and often extreme emotional, physical and mental demands placed on professionals across every occupational field of work can be met with skillful support and adaptation of individual and organizational wellness initiatives and infrastructure.

Using mindfulness as a lens through which organizations reflect, evolve and empower staff, realize organizational missions and creatively innovate their output, Organizational Wellness and Empowered Professional Development workshops, trainings, and retreats are a transformative method for empowering organizations to support individual and collective wellbeing and to exceed expectations for job satisfaction, efficacy and innovation.

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The following menu of workshops are appropriate for corporations, nonprofits, schools, universities and hospitals and can be presented as experiential workshops, combined for an extended day or retreat experience, or a speaking engagement.

Yoga & Mindfulness

as Tools for Support for Vulnerable Populations

This workshop will introduce participants to embodied practices as tools to support self-care for themselves and the populations they serve through cultivation of inner resources and those that are sourced from community and the environment. With a deep dive into the neurobiology and impact of stress and trauma, participants will expand the lens through which they view their needs and those of the populations they serve and broaden the toolkit of resources to support clients to be resilient and liberated. This workshop is ideal for educators, medical professionals, clinicians, law enforcement, social workers, counselors, and parents.

  • The neurobiology of stress and trauma
  • Race-based trauma
  • Resiliency theory
  • Creating safe spaces
  • A sustainable framework for self-care
  • Experiential practices that relieve stress & integrate the body, mind, heart
  • Self-care as political activism
  • Love as social justice

Self-care and Sustainability

practices in the Workplace

As professionals in a modern, fast-paced world, the doing, going, uploading and downloading required to maintain optimal productivity in the workplace takes tremendous toll on the body and mind. Out of necessity leaders in the workplace are typically on to the next thing, compulsively doing what has to get done VS. mindfully being with the moment to moment tasks and challenges they may face. This can lead to burnout and feeling disconnected from a sense of wholeness that arises when connected to oneself, one’s team and larger community, as it decreases joy, individual productivity and overall organizational efficacy. This workshop will introduce participants to self-care, sustainability and organizational wellness fundamentals that bolster individual creativity and performance and organizational innovation.

  • Defining self-care and sustainability through a mindful lens
  • The neurobiology of stress and trauma
  • Race-based trauma
  • Identifying toxic stressors at home and in the workplace
  • Experiential practices that relieve stress & integrate the body, mind, heart
  • Experiential practices and personalized self-care toolkit
  • Integrating an organizational wellness infrastructure

Self-care As Healthcare

for Women in a Changing World

This workshop will introduce women to a definition of self-care that broadens the scope on what is fundamentally an urgent need for women, the caregivers and change-makers of our communities and world, to be both successful and vital. Participants will explore embodied practices as tools to support self-care and vitality despite the chronically stressful circumstances of modern life. Women will deepen their understanding of the feminine role as the central axis for fostering empathetic connection, balanced emotional attunement and racial, social and political equity in our perpetually troubled world.

  • The neurobiology of stress and trauma
  • Creating brave spaces
  • Defining love & a sustainable framework for self-care
  • Experiential practices that relieve stress & integrate the body, mind, heart
  • Moving toward wholeness & liberation
  • Love in action: taking self-care into work in the world

Mindfulness Tools

for Fostering Community, Enhancing Teams & Organizational Innovation

Though human beings are hard-wired to connect, the workplace can present challenging obstacles that hinder our ability to see, respect, be courageous, communicate, collaborate and innovate within teams and within the organizational community. This workshop will introduce a conceptual framework on connection that serves as the force around which our capacity to thrive in community revolves, such that the recognition, appreciation and leveraging of individual strengths and the nurturing of organizational efficacy, expansion and creative innovation are a realistic possibility.

  • Defining love’s role in community building
  • Creating brave spaces
  • Deepening connection to others
  • Mindful communication
  • Auxiliary tools to foster connection: laughter, play and food
  • Analyzing individualism & emphasizing interdependence
  • Considerations for extroverts & introverts
  • Collaborative problem solving

Mindful Communication

and Organizational Culture

Listening to one’s self and others is an art. Most of us do not honor the challenge required to truly listen to another because we are too busy attuning to our own needs, waiting to speak, thinking of how we will respond, or some combination of judging, criticizing, demanding justifying and more. This workshop will introduce participants to a philosophy on communication that asserts that all challenges can be resolved through mindful communication. This workshop emphasizes mindfulness as a grounding and centering practice, cultivation of emotional intelligence, the art of compassionate listening and speaking, and mindful conflict resolution as tools for empowered relationships to self, team and the larger community.

  • Mindful listening
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The neurobiology of emotion
  • Disconnection habits
  • Empathy/compassion fostering practices
  • Mindful resolution strategy

Examining Diversity and Inclusion

in the Workplace through a Mindful Lens

Diversity and inclusion powerfully impact positive outlook and organizational efficacy. Yet cultivating an authentic culture of diversity and inclusion with long-term impact on the empowerment of individuals and organizations requires reflection on the systemic harm experienced by underrepresented populations in society and the professional workplace. Through the lens of mindfulness, this workshop empowers professionals through exploration and examination of implicit bias, privilege and the various traumas that systemic inequity thrusts upon individuals who aim to thrive together in the community of the workplace and the world.

  • Personal lens & bias
  • Mindfulness
  • Invisible knapsack
  • Exploring privilege
  • Race-based trauma
  • Truth, reconciliation and healing
  • Empathy & compassion