Savasana, Corpse pose, in the main gallery. photo courtesy of Crystal McCreary

There is so much truth in the feminist position that asserts: when women are well, the whole of society benefits. It was such a treat to teach the women who came to class in Brooklyn at Welancora Gallery in Bedford Stuyvesant today. So far the group is tremendous: beautiful women (all African American), strong of will, body and mind, and all making a commitment to themselves and thereby our communities to be well. And as they say, where the women go, the men will follow, so I hope to see some brothers here soon, too. I’m pretty pumped and grateful to have been asked to lead some of the class offerings in the beautiful gallery space, owned by Ivy Nicole Jones. Additional teachers of yoga and pilates so far include Ola Akinmowo, Christine Hou, and Anita (KD) Hylton. Currently on exhibit there is the photography of Anders Bernard Jones and Hayley Severns. Coming soon is an exhibit by artist Donovan Nelson.

“Snook” – photo courtesy of Anders Bernard Jones

If you build it, and make it warm and welcoming, they will come. And that is exactly what Welancora Gallery is. Who says black people don’t do yoga? Ha! Oh, we do yoga alright.  But we often restrict our disposable dollars for yoga for teachers, yoga studios, and wellness centers that aim to see us, and make yoga accessible to us. Way to go, Ivy. And that’s all I have to say about that.